Are electric Tankless water heaters right for you home?

Tankless water heater has created a fuss in the market because of its capability to save power. It provides you with heated water only when you need it to be. So if your water heater supplies you with heated water only when you need it and not all the time then that allows substantial electric power saving. This is a particularly new concept in the market, and it is making the excellent market as well.

Is installing Tankless water heater the right decision

This is a big call to make that whether Tankless water heater is going to be the right choice for you to make. Well, that depends on a few things. You need to judge the pros and cons of this particular product and compare that with the tanked water heaters available in the market click here to check different types of tankless water heaters and its pro ans cons. Only then can you judge whether it is good for you or bad. As of now, it is an open ground for discussion. You need to compare some of the most important criteria while making this comparison:-

  • The cost factor
  • Working of different water heaters
  • Cold water problems
  • Waiting time

Costing of Tankless water heater

The most important factor is that you need to keep in mind while comparing the pros and cons of this particular product is costing. Tankless water heater is particular costlier than normally tanked water heaters. While a normally tanked water heater costs you around $300, the recent tankless ones cost you around $900. That is a significant hike in the price, and it is difficult for many people to go for it. Installation costs for tanked heaters cost you a few hundred dollars while the same for tankless heaters cost you a few thousand dollars. So this is a costly product to venture in.

Tankless water heater risk factors

A Tankless water heater involves a more complex circuitry than the normally tanked water heaters. Due to this reason, there is a risk factor that is involved in this product. The more complex circuitry you deal with, the more risks you indulge in. So you might need to spend a substantial sum for repairing purposes as well.

Waiting time in Tankless water heater

Eyeing the advantages of this particular product, the first thing that catches the attention of the customers is its waiting time. Waiting time in the sense how long you have to wait for getting the supply of hot water. Well, you would only have to wait for a few seconds before you get the fresh supply of hot water. This is an advantage because if you are in a hurry then at least you do not have to waste your time in waiting for the hot water to run down the pipes. Besides a continuous supply of hot water, it also provides you with cold water in between. So if you require a cold water sandwich, then you can also get that.
Tankless water heater has its pros and cons. But nevertheless, you can still take your chances and get it installed in your place.